New CDs from Wrenchen Menchen Wrecords

Wrenchen Menchen Wrecords, Bill Menchen’s record label, has released several albums on CD. Below, there are descriptions and links for these CDs on eBay (and downloads at iTunes).

The Seventh Power – The Power (2012, Wrenchen Menchen Wrecords)
Remix of the debut album “The Seventh Power” (2006, Retroactive Records). Bill Menchen on guitar and vocals, Rod Reasner on bass (except track 1), and Robert Sweet on drums. Features several re-recorded tracks. Definite purchase if you didn’t like the original’s sonics, or have never heard the original.
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Rev Seven – 4 CD Set (2012, Wrenchen Menchen Wrecords)
Re-release of the 2007 albums “Heavy Laden Vol. 1/2” (2007, Watergrave Records). Now split into the original 4 albums, “The Unveiling”, “Hell And Back”, “Seven Years Of Good Luck” and “747”. Bill Menchen handles all instrumentation. Definite purchase if you would like an official CD copy (the Watergrave versions are out of print and impossible to find).
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DTS – DTS (2011/2012, Menchen Records)
The band Dead To Sin (based around Romans 16:11) was an evangelical band in the ’80s and ’90s but eventually broke up. Bruce Menchen, founder and frontman, has re-recorded 16 tracks written by the band. Features Robert Sweet on drums, Bruce Menchen on everything else; co-produced by Bruce and Bill Menchen. Definite purchase for fans of Stryper and similar melodic rock/metal!
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The Seventh Power – Eternal Power (2012, Wrenchen Menchen Wrecords)
All-new album, the “third and a half”, from The Seventh Power. Very heavy, experimental, and progressive metal featuring Robert Sweet on drums and Bill Menchen on “everything else”. Definite purchase for fans of The Seventh Power and other industrial-type metal.
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Redeemer – One Way (2011, Wrenchen Menchen Wrecords) (signed by whole band)
Bill Menchen’s first evangelical band, Redeemer, was founded in the early ’80s. With a fun sound not unlike Rev Seven, the music was re-released in 2007 on Watergrave Records (where Bill Menchen handled all instrumentation). Now, the music has been re-mixed and re-recorded with Robert Sweet on drums and Bruce Menchen on bass! Definite purchase for fans of any of Bill’s music, and for fans of good old rock/metal.
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Phil Sweet – Memphis Blue Streak (2011, independent)
Philip Sweet, father of Robert and Michael Sweet (Stryper), recorded this album many years ago. Recently, it was edited and published to CD as a collectible of Stryper; indeed, half of the album has Robert and Michael as supporting musicians. (The other half features Elvis Presley’s original musicians). Definite buy for Stryper die-hards, as well as country/blues/rockabilly fans. (Includes Robert Sweet and Michael Sweet “Stryper” guitar picks!)
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Pearl EXR Tigerstripe drums
OK, so it’s not a CD, but it’s a cool piece of memorabilia. For the past few years, this was Bill Menchen’s drum kit. With it, Robert Sweet recorded many albums such as these (Facebook): “DTS by DTS, In The Light by Menchen, Eternal Power by The Seventh Power, Power And Glory by The Seventh Power, One Way by Redeemer, and some country recordings with Phil and Janice Sweet among various other demos by various other artists.” Only 200 copies of this kit were made.
Buy it on eBay:

Have a great week, and God bless!


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